F*CK Not With My Time. A reason to Guard it.

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Don’t f*ck with my time is based on a true story of a young man who has his day all planned out but finds himself in a friend’s trap late that evening.

 You cannot let people decide how you use your time, which is why you should always say NO.

 Someone said, “Time is the most valuable resource, and yet it is the most wasted.”

 So often, we do things that tend to consume most of our time, situations that do not add value to our lives. Sometimes we do it unknowingly, but most often knowingly.

 Your phone rings, and it is your best friend calling. He invites you to a party that evening, and he insists you must attend. You had your plan well laid out for the evening.

 From work, you had plans to go to class for about 2 hours, and because you have a report to present the following day, you plan to rush home and prepare for the presentation.

Listen to this message on time management by Jim Rohn.

Video Courtesy: how to effectively manage your time by Jim Rohn.

 The party begins at 9 PM, and you are not sure when it will end.

 You are also not sure about attending the party or going home to prepare your report for the presentation. 

 The stakes are high, this presentation is crucial to you and to the company.

 There are opportunities for new promotions, and you are among those on the list to take up new responsibilities. If all goes well, it puts you ahead of the rest.

 You must outline strategies, looks into the organization’s achievements, and draw guidelines and recommendations for the coming month.

 You have told your friend about this presentation and how important it is to you. And he still insists that you have to attend.

 He tells you it is an opportunity to network, and you end up in his trap, and you buy his idea. 

 You quickly change your plans to accommodate your best friend’s plans for the evening. You attend the party knowing very well that you have an important presentation the following day.

 To cut a long story short, you did not prepare adequately for the presentation, and you know it. You did not respond with certainty to questions raised.

 You are given a verbal warning and told to redo the entire report. And you are not sure if you still stand a chance to get promoted. 

A promotion that you have worked so hard, for now, stands at a balance.

You did not prepare well, and so your delivery was poor.

Les Brown said, “It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than have an opportunity and not be prepared.”

 Here is the big Q: Who should you blame for your underperformance?


 If you hadn’t gone to that party, you probably would have delivered the best presentation.

You only needed to say NO to your best friend.

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 Below is why you can’t let people f*ck with your time.

 1. Your time is your life.

 Time is like life. Just like life, you cannot get back lost time. Knowing what you now know, would you still be willing to let your best friend f*ck with your time? Time is all you have; you can’t afford to let anyone dictate how to use it.

 2. It is worth more than money.

 Someone once said that time is money, but I say it is worth much more. You can lose millions of dollars and still get all back, and even more. But it is practically impossible to recover lost time.

A wealthy man once said, “If you took all the money in the world and divided it equally among everybody, it would soon be back in the same pockets it was before.”

Do you know why? They have mastered how to use the time to get what they deserve.

 3. It is profitable.

Wealth expands with time, which means that time determines how wealthier you can become. 

But, there are conditions to this, you must manage every 24 hours of your day wisely.

 When properly used, it becomes profitable. Allocate it wisely and prioritize your most important task if you want to realize its profits.

 You will never realize growth in your life until you learn how every second of your day contributes to your success.

 We all have 24hours a day. How then can it be that some people are wealthy while others are the direct opposite? The difference is how we manage our time.

Devote more time to being productive. 

 4. It is a question.

The answer to the question of TIME depends on how you use it. Ask the right question and get the correct answer. Ask the wrong question and get the wrong answer.

 It is your most valuable asset. Use it wisely, and do not let anyone f*ck with your most valuable asset.

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