Daddy Owen’s advice to fellow celebrities. Invest! Invest!

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Daddy Owen sells an idea to fellow celebrities, telling them to stop running after “slay ” queens and focus on investing in properties.

The truth of the matter is it not only the artist that should run with this idea. Any other person out there who is ready and willing to change their life should buy the idea.

Investing means securing your future. Nobody knows about tomorrow.

For example, during this pandemic, one of the most affected sectors is the tourism sector. So many jobs have been lost, and businesses closed.

It would help if you had a fallback plan.

Daddy Owen posing next to his 7 bedroom house under construction
Daddy Owen posing next to his 7 bedroomed house under construction. Photo credit: Instagram/daddyowen

This is an advice for every youth in this country.

Daddy Owen is concerned about how many artists and celebrities enjoy luxurious lifestyles and forgetting to invest, only to suffer later when all the fame and money is gone.

This was his advice to his fellow celebrities. INVEST

“Yes, it is good to be “famous” u make money at that time, but most of us creatives fail to invest, and the most unapata shida kiasi then our loopholes zinaanza kuonekana… It’s sad when most of us end up poor and with nothing to show at the twilight years of our careers. As I finish building my house, I challenge us today… Buy land… Invest houses..etc…..! In short, let’s take care of our future now!”

Daddy Owen

Most people think that they have all the time, yet everyone is allocated 24 hours a day. The question is. What more time do you think you have?

Daddy Owen:Photo credit: Instagram/daddyowen
Daddy Owen: Photo credit: Instagram/daddyowen

 You will hear such talks like, “We are still young. We will start working on that project next year, or I don’t need a house now, I don’t think I can do ever it. This kind of talk is dangerous. 

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5 Important lessons from Daddy Owen.

  • Decide to take the risk and learn in the process. 
  • Your environment matters; take some time to watch what is around you.
  • Do not identify yourself with what your accomplishments.
  • Take one step at a time.
  • Practice being kind rather than right.

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