Alex Mwakideu: I am surprised by the turn of events on the Jenga na Alex na Jalas Show.

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Friends, I honestly didn’t know that Jenga na Alex na Jalas would be this fun!!! We are learning so much and still enjoying the process!!! This episode is A MUST WATCH!!! 😂🤣🤣🤣

Alex Mwakideu

Alex Continued to explain why they decided to have the Janga na Alex na Jalas show and why it is such an important show for their fans.

Nothing can be further from the truth; Alex na Jalas have come along way, having worked together for several years at several radio stations.

Watch the latest on Jenga na Alex na Jalas show.

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When they just started, some people thought the two-headed to another radio station basically because that’s what they did best. It turned out to be one of the best shows that Kenyans will ever watch.

Giving Kenyans detailed information direct from architects and engineers on how to go about a building project.

According to Alex Mwakideu, the show geared towards helping those who plan to build their dream houses find the right plan and requirements on how to go about it.

Alex Mwakideu shared a post on his Instagram page:

Our intentions are clear. We want to help you understand the entire journey of building that dream house of yours. We also want to create opportunities for other men and women to showcase their knowledge and skills in the construction industry. For Companies; It is a good opportunity to showcase your products… But what moves us the most is to see the number of families that are now getting daily living because we start this project! #JengaNaAlexNaJalas #MunguMbele

Watch today’s episode ujue kati yangu na @jalangoo nani anajua kuskuma Wheelbarrow!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Jenga na Alex na Jalas building progress:Photo credit: Instagram/Jalangoo

The project has employed 30 people working to ensure the project is completed to the best standards.

Alex Mwakideu was right about the fan part. Njenga na Alex na Jalas is one show that is full of fun, laughter, comedy, and, most importantly, serious business.


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