Kenyans Feel the Heat as EPRA Digs Deep Into Their Pockets

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  • The price of Diesel has gone up by 7.63 shillings per litre.
  • The price of Super Petrol has gone up by 5.75 shillings per litre.

The cost of living continues to rise by the day, and Kenya’s government seems not to take note even after learning that a huge number of Kenyans lost their jobs.

With increased fuel prices, Kenyan will be forced to dig deep into their pockets.

14th March is one of those days that most Kenyans will forget. On this day, the Energy Petroleum and Regulatory Authority shocked many Kenyans when it announced the newly increased prices for Super Petrol, Diesel, and Kerosene.

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This is what happens when fuel prices go up?

  • The production cost for manufacturing increases, leading to an increase in basic commodities such as milk, sugar, maize, and wheat four.
  • It directly increases the cost of operations in the transport and logistics industries.
  • Expect the cost of electricity to rise.

The price of 1 liter of Super Petrol increased by 7.63 shillings, while diesel and Kerosene’s prices increased by 5.75 and 5.41, respectively. And do not forget that Energy Petroleum and Regulatory Authority (EPRA) did slap Kenyans with increased prices just a month ago.

According to Energy Petrol and Regulatory Authority (EPRA):

  • The prices of Kerosene increased by 13. 26% from USD 337.19 to USD 393.23 per cubic meter.
  • The prices of Diesel increased by 13. 26% from USD 377.19 to USD 423.95 per cubic meter.

Kisumu motorists will be charged 98.68 shillings per liter of Kerosene, 108.46 shillings per liter of Diesel, and 123.36 per liter of Super Petrol.

Mombasa motorists will pay 95.46, 105.27, and 120.41 shillings per liter of Kerosene, Diesel, and Super Petrol, respectively.

Nairobians will pay 97.85 shillings per litre of Koresene, 107.66 shillings per litre of Diesel, and 122.81 shillings per litre of Super Petrol.

Listen to Musalia Mudavadi’s take on the increased fuel prices.

Video Courtesy: Musalia Mudavadi Centre

The production cost will definitely increase, and consumers will have to pay more for basic commodities such as maize and wheat flour, sugar, and milk.


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