Zuchu’s ‘Sukari’ Makes History with over 2.5 million views in less than 3 days.

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Zuchu’s  Hit Song ‘Sukari’  Makes History With Over 2.5 Million Views In Less Than 3 Days

Zuchu – Sukari. Video courtesy of YouTube

Zuchu has made history. Her song ‘Sukari’  premiered on Saturday the 30th is already trending at #1 on YouTube. 

'Sukari'#1 Trending. Photo credit: Instagram/officialzuchu
‘Sukari’#1 Trending. Photo credit: Instagram/officialzuchu

And with over 2.5 Million views on YouTube in just 3 days for her hit song ‘Sukari’, Zuchu has gone into the history books as the first female artist in Sub-Saharan Africa to ever hit that record.

Zuchu went on Instagram to appreciate her loyal fans for the support, at the time when her hit song ‘Sukari’  had just hit 1,000,000  under 22hours. 

Zuchu’s post.

“Asanteni sana Wimbo wenu Sukari umefika 1,000,000million ndani ya masaa 22. Wow, Thank You so much much. Bado tupo namba 1 on trending youtube. #sukari iko kwenye kila platform,”

Zuchu's 'Sukari'hit 1,000,000 views. Photo credit: Instagram/officialzuchu
Zuchu’s ‘Sukari’hit 1,000,000 views. Photo credit: Instagram/officialzuchu


When did she even Join the Industry?

Zuhura Othman Soud, popularly known as Zuchu has recorded 100% growth in the music industry. The kind of growth that has left her colleagues in the industry asking questions.

Let me answer the BIG Q.

Zuchu joined the music less than one year ago signed under Diamond’s Wasafi Records.

Zuchu has 762K subscribers on YouTube, and with her new hit, the number is expected to grow at a much faster rate.

It will also surprise you to know that Zuchu has 2 million followers on Instagram against her 1075 posts on Instagram.


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