Otile Brown Releases a Hit Jam Dubbed “Valentine.”

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Otile Brown Releases A Hit Jam Dubbed “Valentine.”

This is about us, the consumers

“Valentine” by Otile Brown comes at the right time, and of course from the right person. 

It is the season of love. Valentine’s season is around the corner. And Otile Brown just crafted the right song at the right time and for the right people.

Part of the Lyrics

“Ah ah ah oh yeah

Would you be my Valentine?

Am addicted to you girl and I don’t lie

It’s you and me till the day I die

Usijekuzengua utantoa uhai

Kukuacha siwezi wala kuwaza usiwahi

Would you be my valentile”


We can extend some love not only to family and friends but to everyone else around us.

Maybe we can use this opportunity to reconcile with those that have hurt us so badly.

Those that we once loved, but later ended up hating so much.

Here is “VALENTINE”. Enjoy it, and let us know if it’s a Hit OR Miss.

Valentine By Otile Brown. Video: YouTube

What Am I even talking about? 

There are people that are so hard to forgive, and we all know that. 

But we can forgive.


This is happening at a time when so many people are going through a lot. The effect of COVID-19 is something that we will live to remember for many years.

Ans by the way, we have a story to tell the younger generation.

The most interesting part is that most of the artists have not let the effect of the Pandemic take a toll on them.

From Khaligraph Jones O.G to Willy Paul to Bensoul to Bahati to Otile Brown and to Bahati again. It is been HIT after HIT on YouTube


This is about you and me, the consumer.

These guys are dedicated to their crafts. To them, music is everything. This is what they know, and they try so hard to make sure they get their product out there to you the consumer.

Am not talking about love or forgiveness here,  am talking about you/us getting our craft to the marketplace.

We are all born with some fire burning in us, but so often we let it go off.

Here is why.
  • Poor Self-Image.

How do you look at yourself? It is very important to note that, one can never rise above what their self-image is.

  • Lack Of Self Knowledge

This is simply not knowing exactly who you are and what you want to do with your life.

  • Lack Of Self Preparation

Not taking the intentional steps to get ready for an opportunity before they come our way.

  • The company we keep/Your environment

Someone said, ” If you run around 9 losers, you will definitely be the 10th loser.”

  • Lack of accountability

Action determines the outcome. Ask yourself this simple question: What am I getting out of this job?


 “ Valentine” by Otile Brown has come at the right time.


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