Kabi WaJesus Is Accused Of Siring And Neglecting His Own Child

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Popular Kenyan Youtuber Kabi Wajesus is allegedly being accused of siring and neglecting a child of his youth.

The lady who shared this story with Edgar Obare on Instagram is called Ruth, she is actually the cousin to Kabi Wa Jesus’s baby mama.

Kabi Wajesus and the alleged baby mama are actually cousins.

In an Instagram live by popular Kenyan blogger Edgar Obare with Kaby’s cousin Ruth, she made it clear that the said baby mama is actually Kabi WaJesus’s cousin.

Before the live Instagram conversation by Edgar Obare and Ruth, the Wa Jesus family had actually tried to come clean on baby Abby.

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We actually think this was a miscalculated move by the Wa Jesus family.

Kabi Wajesus tries to come clean but he is not really off the hook just yet. In the above video, Kabi mentioned something to do with A LETTER he received at the beginning of the year at around the 5th of January.

Kabi alleges that the said was drafted by a non-existing lawyer.

The letter is under scrutiny. Photo Courtesy

The lady who has come out with the worst kept secret of the Wajesus family is said to be the cousin of Kabi’s baby mama (Mama Abby) and that makes her Kaby’s cousin too.

The truth about Abby Wajesus” according to cousin Ruth

Edgar Obare

This was followed in a hurry by a comment from one of Edgar’s followers, “Wonderful show Edgar… 🔥🔥🔥🔥so proud of you… We need to shun hypocrisy….”

Edgar Obare decided to do this interview with Ruth (Kabi’s baby mama’s cousin) because of public demand. And of course to come clean on the Wa Jesus family.

In the live interview, Edgar through his lawyer friend has confirmed that the letter that was sent to Kabi Wajesus was actually not fake as earlier mentioned.

“A lot of people have said that I am only trying to bring the Wa Jesus family.” Ruth has said she has no such intentions.”

“Milly Wajesus knew from the start that there was a child, the wa Jesus family even went to visit Abby’s mother in the hospital.”

Ruth Insists that fighting for her cousin, “My cousin is tender-hearted and would do anything to avoid shame or public scrutiny and cannot stand up for herself. She is shouldering the burden of raising the girl herself and we want Kabi to pay child support,”

Ruth alleges that Abby’s mother decided to remain silent for this long for the sake of her daughter and Kabi’s career.

Ruth alleges that the wa Jesus family is fake about everything, Milly should stop with the crocodile tears on YouTube.

“We want Kabi Wajesus to take responsibility,” Ruth said.

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