Larry Madowo: If a boy from Siaya can be here, what can’t you do?

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Larry Madowo.Photo Credit: Instagram/larrymadowo

People we can learn from.

Larry Madowo Anchors BBC World News breaking news. Source. YouTube/Larry Madowo

One of the most interesting and inspirational success stories is that of Larry Madowo.

Larry Madowo has worked hard work to reach where he is today. You cannot anchor and report news on a global stage without actually working for it. There is a price attached to it.

Today, most people want to be successful but they are not willing to pay the price.

There is no such thing as something for nothing.

Napoleon Hill

To get to the global stage, to interview some of the most prominent people the world has ever known. The list is endless.

Larry Madowo interviews Sofia the robot.

Larry Madowo interviews Sofia the robot. Courtesy. YouTube

What makes this guy Larry, so successful? What is his secret?

It is time we start to study some of these individuals. To know what they are doing right that some of us are not doing. To understand how they think and what they spend most of their time doing.


  1. Larry Madowo. North America Correspondent for the BBC. 
  2. Felix Odiwuor (Jalang’o) Kiss FM presenter
  3. James Mworia. Centum Investment CEO
  4. Daniel Ndambuki (Churchill) Classic FM presenter
  5. Eugene Mbugua. CEO and Young Rich Television Limited
  6. Vava Angwenyi. Founder VAVA COFFEE
  7. Zammer Verjee. Founder Studio AZ
  8. Terryanne Chebet. CEO of Scarlet Digital
  9. Jackline Cherop. co-founder and the managing director of Densey Tours and Travel company
  10. Eric Kinoti. Founder of Shades Systems E. A Ltd

The secret is to pick just one person. Look at how they live their life. Study their biography. Study their habits.

I will go with Larry Madowo.

What’s your pick?


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