Thriving in THE MIDST of opposition.

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“Lessons from the day I walked to work”

Many people fall to their knees as soon as someone disagrees with their idea. 

Others let go of good ideas just because someone somewhere said NO to them.

Stop focusing on the YES. And learn something from the NO.

Thriving in the midst of opposition is based on research and clear pieces of evidence that tell stories of men and women who have managed to succeed even after they were told, “it was impossible.”

These are the people who refused to accept the opinion of others and instead focused on possibilities.

Make no small plans.

These are the people who refused to let go of their dreams and instead focus on becoming better by learning something from their own mistakes and from the mistakes of others. 

These are the people who clearly saw opportunities where others saw adversity. 

They decided to push on and never give up because they understood that adversity or delay is just but for a moment.

They said yes when everybody else said no.

Moving past your fears.

How do you say yes to an idea that has been opposed by almost everybody around you? 

What do others see that the rest are not able to see?

They also learned not to take it personally, whenever they receive NO as an answer.

This is where success in your personal life, social life, emotional life, and spiritual life will begin. When you learn not to take things personally, and to receive NO as an answer without letting your emotions take control over you.


The secret

You can only thrive in the midst of opposition if you have your goals written down on paper. This simply means that you know exactly where you are coming from and where you are going.

American inventors and pioneers of aviation, the Wright brothers were put to the test, when nobody believed in them.

You know how heavy metals are! nobody believed that one day a metal could fly in the air, but the wright brothers Orville and Wilbur did.

Once is never enough! Do it again and again.

In 1903 they built their first powered controlled airplane, and two years later they built and flew the first fully functional airplane.

They could not have done it without opposition. If you are the kind of person who is always looking for a YES, then be ready to get disappointed.

You must learn to receive No. And by the way, a NO does not mean it can’t be done. It only means that the person saying NO does not believe in you.

“What does not kill you will make you stronger.” 


I love the story of the wright brothers because it teaches us the power of self-belief, desire, and determination. That you should believe in yourself and stick to your dreams even if everybody else says no. 

And remember, not all people will support your idea, some people are positioned to say NO, just to make you better.


In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill tells the story of  Edwin C. Barnes. “Two difficulties stood in the way of Mr. Barnes, he did not know Thomas Edison and secondly, he did not have enough money to pay for his rail fare to New Jersey to meet with Thomas Edison. These difficulties posed a serious setback and could have discouraged anybody.” 

There were enough reasons and setbacks in the world that could have stopped Mr. Barnes from achieving his heart desire. To cut the long story short, Edwin Barnes went to New Jersey on a freight train.

One of the greatest characteristics of Edwin C. Barnes’ was his definite desire to work with Edison, not for him.

Thomas Edison.

The story of Mr. Barnes teaches us that nothing can stop a man who is willing and ready to pay the price. 

Ask yourself this question. What makes Edwin Barnes different from you? He had brains just like you do. 


The first difference is a definite desire. How much do you want it? The second difference is determination.


Make no small plans.

Kenya Railways has launched night passenger operations.


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