Moving past your fears.

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Celebrated comedian and Kiss FM presenter Jalang’o.Photo credit: Instagram/jalangoo

“Lessons from the day I walked to work”

2021. Say no to fear. Say no to excuses. Say no to Procrastination.

I believe that as you read, “Moving past your fears.” Positive thoughts and ideas will be generated within your powerful mind, and you will begin to familiarize yourself with the philosophy behind the idea, “Moving past your fears.”

Once is never enough! Do it again and again.

“Moving past your fears” pushes you to think beyond what you’ve done before. Beyond the normal, and you will probably start to do things that you have never thought you could do.

I must admit that it will be the most difficult path to walk, at times it will be painful, and other times it will be interesting. But the lessons will keep you moving, in search of more.


You must understand that as you move past your fears your style of communication will also begin to change.

You will begin to listen more and talk less.

Virtues like integrity, honesty, character, hard work, consistency, and faith will be a part of you.


Let me share this story with you, I got from the standard digital newsletter, the story of “Jalang’o” whose real name Felix Odiwuor. He said, “Things started changed so fast, from acting at the Kenya National Theatre, which of course was a success despite the challenges. I still managed to become one of the best Swahili narrators.”

Later, Felix Odiwuor teamed up with his best friend Kazungu Matano, who is also known by his stage name “Otoyo”. The duo decided to try something new. To move past their fears.


At the time they thought of trying something new, “Moving past their fears.” Citizen Television had just started to air local programs, and so they landed a spot in one of the popular TV show dubbed “Papa Shirandula.” the two geniuses appeared in several scenes despite the fact that they were only supposed to appear in one scene.

I tell this story because it is a true story and a reflection of “moving past your fears”

“You can function at a genius level if you learn to think the way that genius does.”

Brian Tracy

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