Make no small plans.

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Celebrated comedian and Kiss FM presenter Jalang’o.Photo credit: Instagram/jalangoo

“Lessons from the day I walked to work”

“Make no small plans for they have no capacity to stir men’s souls.” 


This guy had a fire burning in him, he wanted more, and he had to work for it. Another opportunity knocked at his door, this time around it was too big.

This could change his life to a point of no return, as long as he remained committed to his goals and plans. “Making no small plans.”

He said, “A radio presenter by the name ‘Nyambane’ not his real name, had just left Kiss 100, which one of the top FM radio stations in Kenya. And the management had to find an impeccable replacement for the morning show.

Moving past your fears.

The job vacancy was advertised, and thousands of applicants came in for the interview, you’d think that the company had multiple positions to fill. But in reality, it was just one position.

In life, it doesn’t matter the number of people who may want the job, what matters is how much you want it.

Once is never enough! Do it again and again.

Here is the funny part. One of the major requirements for the job was a university degree. And it was an added advantage if you had a degree in media related courses.

“Education covers a lot of ground, but it won’t cultivate any of it.”


This man Jalang’o had no college degree at the time, but he was courageous enough to come for the interview. “There is absolutely nothing that you lose for trying”

The panel narrowed it down and called out those who had a university degree in media related field to move to the right. Jalang’o and some others moved to the right.


It was his to face the panel and present his papers. When he was called to step forward bt the panel, he confidently replied, “thank you so much, I do not have any of the documents you are asking for. but I believe I am the person you are looking for.”

His confidence caught the panel unware.

“What is the worst that can happen?” He asked himself this question several times. Ask yourself the same question whenever you are faced with a situation.

For a moment, everyone remained silent, and then the owner of Radio Africa group made this comment, “I think I like this guy, let’s try him on air.”


He got the job, I tell this guy’s story because it’s a story of courage, faith, confidence, and determination. It is a story that most people can relate to, it’s a story that defines and gives the true meaning of the title of “Make no small plans.”

He made it on KISS 100, and has since worked for several other radio companies. He owns a company called, Arena media and several other businesses. He is a content creator, and also own a popular YouTube channel ” Banga na Jalas”

He has become the ROLE MODEL for many young people.

Just recently, Jalang’o, Churchill and Terence Creative launched a new show dubbed ” Shika Dream Show,” which airs on YouTube @ Jalang’o TV and on Facebook @Churchill.

Terencecreative,Jalang'o and Churchill.Photo Credit: Instagram/jalangoo
Terencecreative,Jalang’o and Churchill. Photo Credit: Instagram/jalangoo

I will conclude by saying, “MAKE NO SMALL PLANS.”

Look around you, and if you can find just one person who has accomplished something that is related to what you have been working on, then you too can do it. Just find out how they are doing it. Then do exactly that.

Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o shares his story dubbed RISE UP. Courtesy: YouTube


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Moving past your fears.

Thriving in THE MIDST of opposition.


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