Once is never enough! Do it again and again.

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According to the heavyweight champion, Jones J. Corbett, “You become a champion by fighting one more round.”

Jones J. Corbett,

Let’s talk about the mind! First is your conscious mind. Your conscious mind takes in new information from all walks of life.

Everything that happens to you and those that you happen to on a daily basis is analyzed in your conscious mind in terms of importance and applicability.


Second is the subconscious mind. It is the storage place for everything that has ever happened to you.

Your subconscious mind has a record of all your emotions, thoughts, goals, and experiences.

One thing that we should know is that your subconscious mind does not have a reasoning capability, it obeys commands.


In the subconscious mind, there is no right or wrong, good or bad, small or big, beautiful or ugly. Every information that you accept into your subconscious mind is accepted as it is.

Our brain is developed in such a way that the more we repeat things the more they stick. The Law of repetition.

Through repetition, a man is able to learn even the most complex of tasks. And just like the title reads. “Once is never enough, do it again and again” until you get it right.

Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o shares his story dubbed RISE UP. Courtesy: YouTube

So many people quit in life just because they never made it to the second round. Others quit on the first no that they receive.

Let me share this story, I met a friend some years back who baffled me with his understanding of life, and what one can achieve. He said, “ when I went for that interview everyone was talking about their level of education. Fresh from school some had master’s degrees, which of course was an added advantage according to the job requirements, they were more qualified. I only had a diploma from a local university, I said to myself this isn’t my job, I am not qualified enough for the job. I looked at other people and made a conclusion in my mind that they were better. To cut the long story short, I did not get the job, that day I lost.”


Why did my friend fail to make it? Simple, he went for that interview with the mentality that there were other people out there who were much better than him, despite the fact that they were looking for the same job.

“I am not good enough” stuck in his subconscious part of his brain, and he believed it to be true, and so it became his reality.

In your thirst for knowledge, you should develop a reading culture that allows you to read one good book at least twice, as a matter of fact, you should make these books a part of your life.

In order to erase the negative old data that has pulled you back over the years, you must develop a reading culture that will allow you to remain open-minded and positive at all times.

Go back and do it again and again until you get it right.

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