Eric Omondi’s Wife material show comes to an end: Winner is Band Beca’s Carol. photo credit:Instagram/ericomondi

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Congratulations Carol.

Kenyans have spoken. Carol has emerged as the winner of Eric Omondi’s wife material show.

Carol @Band Beca is taken.

Winning the like of Shakila whom people thought would win the contest.

Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o shares his story dubbed RISE UP. Courtesy: YouTube

After going through some of Eric’ Instagram posts, we knew this was coming to an end with Carol as the winner.

Haki nakapendaaa haka katotooo🙉🙈🥰🌹🌹🌹❤ Naeza Kaoaa, nikapendeee, Nipate nae watoto waremboo😋😋😋…ARE YOU READY FOR CAROL @bandbeca 

Eric posted.

Eric Omondi showered Carol with sweet words on his Instagram.

Eric Omondi and Carol.Photo credit: Instagram/ericomondi
Eric Omondi and Carol. Photo credit: Instagram/ericomondi

CONGRATULATIONS CAROL @bandbeca You are an AMAZING woman! Beautiful Inside and out. I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you and make beautiful babies. I am the luckiest man on this planet. To all the ladies who participated in the #WifeMaterial I can never say THANK YOU enough😰😰😰🙏🙏🙏, We made soo many beautiful memories and it doesn’t end here. WE ARE NOW FAMILY and I hope you all make it for the wedding. Finally I want to say a BIG thank you to Kenyans for walking with me through this journey and for helping me get a wife. Asanteni sanaa🙏🙏.

Eric Omondi

Thanks to the 8 girls.

Eric Omondi and the ladies. Wife material.Photo credit: Instagram/ericomondi
Eric Omondi and the ladies. Wife material. Photo credit: Instagram/ericomondi

Let me drop this here. By “THE BAND BECA.”

Sauti nyoro kweli…..

The Band Beca- Brathe. Video Credit. YouTube

MWIKALI QUITS ERIC OMONDI’S WIFE MATERIAL CONTEST. photo credit: Instagram/ringtoneapoko/ericomondi

Crazy things that make Eric Omondi the greatest comedian of all time.


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