Crazy things that make Eric Omondi the greatest comedian of all time.

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The president of comedy Africa Eric Omondi is known to do some of the craziest things in the name of comedy. In his latest video, Eric was captured on camera pulling a cow in Nairobi’s CBD.

I asked a friend to say something about Eric Omondi.

This was his reply,

“Eric is the craziest and most creative person on earth.”

A friends comment.

If you thought he has done it all, check this one out. Eric Omondi in Nairobi CBD with a cow.

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Eric Omondi – Biden the Cow. Video Credit: YouTube
Sang’ombe by Eric. Source:YouTube

Sang’ombe by Eric Omondi.

This is just one of Diamond Platnumz’s songs, dubbed Salome.

Salome has 34 Million views on YouTube.

Eric took the song and called his version Sang’ombe.

Sang’ombe has 1.3 Million views on YouTube.

“Eric omondi can only be compared with the famous Mr. Bean.”

Another friend said.

Over the past month, we have watched his show dubbed “wife material contest” which has now come to a good ending with carol emerging as the winner. Eric Omondi’s Wife material show comes to an end: Winner is Band Beca’s Carol. photo credit:Instagram/ericomondi

Eric Omondi and Carol.Photo credit: Instagram/ericomondi
Eric Omondi and Carol. Photo credit: Instagram/ericomondi

Eric’s “wife material contest” has received a great following and love on YouTube and Instagram.

Vile tunapeleka Dowry Kwa kina WINNER wa #WifeMaterial after Voting imeisha.

Eric’s Instagram post.

But something happened along the way.

The gospel artist and self-proclaimed chairman of gospel music in Kenya Ringtone whose real name is Alex Apako got in the mix.

Ringtone and Eric Omondi.Photo credit: Instagram/ringtoneapoko/ericomondi
Ringtone and Eric.Photo credit: Instagram/ringtoneapoko/ericomondi

He offered the ladies 100k each to quit the show, but only managed to convince one ‘Mwikali’ to pull out of the contest.

Kenya Film Board Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ezakiel Mutua has once again slammed Eric Omondi for kissing multiple ladies during a pandemic in his “wife material show.”

Big Tyme Entertainment owner Eric Omondi woke up to a surprising turn of events.

Eric has not commented on the actions of Ringtone, he has remained focused on his show, something most successful craft makers do, Ignore what people say, and focus on the craft.

One of his best and popular shows on YouTube was dubbed, “How to be”

Name one “Bonga Na Jalas” interview that you could watch over and over again.

He did a number of Videos including;

“How to be Vera Sidika.”

“How to be” Vera Sidika was one of his popular videos.

The video has up to 2,025,203 views and still counting.

Eric Omondi. Source:YouTube

What crazy/unique stuff can you do to make you one of the best in your craft?

We will keep you up to date with more from Eric.

Kindly talk to us in our comment section and tell us what you like and what you feel we need to improve.


Band Beca’s Carol is The Winner of Eric Omondi’s Wife Material Show.

Once is never enough! Do it again and again.


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