Edgar Obare introduces Influencer days on Instagram

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He is giving a chance to anybody out there who would love to join the growing list of social media influencers.

The Instagram market is slowly evolving. The newest introduction of Instagram influencer day by@EdgaObare will make it even better.

We should expect more around these markets.

Already some of his fans are requesting people to follow them since the jobs will be determined by the influence individual commands on Instagram.

Edgar Obare. Photo credit: Instagram/edgarobare
Edgar Obare. Photo credit: Instagram/edgarobare

See the video below. He is changing the game.

Edgar Obare Introduces Influencer Days. Video Credit: YouTube.

Other social media/Instagram influencers include Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o @Jalangoo, Ofweneke, Mc Jessy, Eric Omondi, and proclaimed President of single mothers and musician Akothee.

Ken Mijungu Lands a new job at KTN months after he lost his job at NTV.Ken Mijungu.Photo credit: Instagram/kenmijungu

The Introduction of Influencer day brings a twist to Instagram markets.

It is alleged that it was the same Edgar Obare who started the Instagram market day, which a good number of celebrities has since joined, and are making a kill out of it.

A few months ago, Jalang’o posted on his Instagram page that he makes close to 5million from his social media platforms, @jalangoo on Instagram, @jalang’o TV on YouTube, and on his blog @https://jalangotv.com/

STOP!!! STOP!!! STOP!!! Jalang’o to artists.

In order to be an influencer on either Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, you must command a large following.

The interesting news is that there is enough room for social media influencers. Any person willing and interested can talk to Edgar Obare on Instagram @Edgarobare.

Here is a list of businesses you can start to make extra income

What is required is creativity. You must be able to create good content.

Content creation is what has made the like of @EdgaObare to be what they are today. But it has been a long shot.

A few days ago Jalang’o was on Jc junction and his story has remained an inspiration to so many young people. It has been a long shot, considering what we now know.


How will the influencer days work?

On specific days depending on the number of following that one commands. if you have between 1000k and 5000k followers the better for you.

Edgar will give you an ad that you will post and share with as many friends as you can on your social media accounts.

The most interesting part is that Edgar promises to pay anyone who will be selected to advertise on his or her page. The above video explains it better.

A WIN IS ALL YOU NEED. Play the game of life to WIN.

Internet marketing is the future of business.

The rise of online shops and free delivery has expanded the markets and increased the number of potential clients a business can reach.


And of course not every social media influencer will like the idea. Edgar is changing the game once again.

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Ken Mijungu Lands a new job at KTN months after he lost his job at NTV.Ken Mijungu.Photo credit: Instagram/kenmijungu



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