List Of Companies Owned By Business Mogul Chris Kirubi.

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This list is not new to what you have read or known over the past years, but it is different from what you already know. Let me show you why.

Chris Kirubi did not become a billionaire overnight, and that is why I will tell you here without fear of contradiction that success requires time.  You do not become successful overnight.

Success requires enough time, time to think, time to study business trends, time to study products, time to study customer behaviors, time to invest, and time to study consistency.

We talk about Chris Kirubi not only because of his business acumen but also because he is a role model to many people, both young and old, all over the world.


Let’s see the list of companies owned by Kirubi.

  1. Nairobi bottlers

You have always enjoyed a cold bottle of coke, but have you had a chance of asking who owns Nairobi bottlers, which is the local franchise of Coca-Cola company. Kirubi owned Kenyan franchise accounts for almost 50 percent of all beverage sales in the Kenyan market.

{Nairobi Bottlers: Photo Courtesy}
  • Capital FM

Capital FM is one of the leading radio stations in Kenya. Capital FM runs under a broadcasting company Capital media group, which is owned by the mogul Kirubi. Chris Kirubi ventured into radio out of his desire to host a radio show. Capital FM is located on Lonrho House Nairobi.

  • International House

Chris Kirubi owns International House which is one of the most iconic buildings in Nairobi Business Center. The building houses a number of offices including airlines, law firms, and a bank.

  • Haco Industries Kenya Limited

Haco Industries Kenya Limited is known for the manufacture and distribution of personal and home care products which includes palmers and TCB.

Chris Kirubi is said to have acquired Haco Industries Kenya Limited in 1998, and today, the company distributes its products within the East Africa community and beyond.

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  • Centum Investment Company

Centum Investment company has interests in real estate and infrastructure, education, agribusiness, health, fast-moving consumer goods, financial services, and ICT.

Chris Kirubi is the largest single shareholder in the company.

The business mogul Chris Kirubi is said to be one of the wealthiest Kenyans with an estimated net worth of over 30 Billion Kenya Shillings.

{Two Rivers: Photo Courtesy}

Which other companies do you think Chris Kirubi owns? Please leave your answer in the comment section we will highly appreciate it.

Chris Kirubi
Chris Kirubi. Photo credit: Instagram/ckirubi


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