Why You Should Join A Reference Group. Lessons From The Day I Walked To Work.

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What’s the name of your boys’ club? You need a reference group.

Times are changing so fast, and we must adjust to the ever-changing times. The number one approach to changing your world is by changing your association.

Change the people you are around. What’s the idea behind this? If you want to change your thinking, energy levels, and eventually your whole life, make a decision now to start associating, in every aspect of your life, with the people you admire, respect, and look up to.

Decide right now to associate yourself with people whom you enjoy being around. Be around people who challenge you, people who are strong enough to tell you when you are wrong. Choose a good reference group.

Each day comes with its challenges and opportunities in equal measure. I believe you wouldn’t want to bow down to the challenges, neither do you want opportunities to pass you by.

Reference Group
{The Boys Club: Reference Group: Photo Courtesy}

Stick around people you can learn from, people whose opinion you trust.

You will never shy away from taking the biggest of risks when you surround yourself with the right people. Remember, taking calculated risks requires you to talk to the right.

Our ability to learn and grow is deeply rooted in the relationships that we keep. If you run around losers you will be one of them, and the opposite is correct.

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At our Workplaces, Let’s ensure that we spend time with big thinkers. Hey, am not telling you not to talk to your other colleagues, what am saying is that you cannot afford to spend so much time with the wrong people. You know exactly what you want and where to get it. So, go there.

The good news is that we know all these people. The BIG question is, why then do we spend so much time with people who do not add any value to our lives.? Influence, lack of priorities, direction, and vision.

During tea or lunch breaks, share a table with the kind of people that will challenge your knowledge and understanding about life. This is the best time since you are all free to ask each other questions.

Set goals and standards for every relationship that you get into.

When you desire change, you have to do whatever it takes to get there. “There is no such thing as free lunch.” You have to work for it.

Remember the boys club, this is probably the most admired and successful club that I have ever known. This is a group of senior personalities. Have always thought that probably this group played a key role in ensuring Jeff published his book, “THROUGH MY AFRICAN EYE”

From the Boys club: Reference Group: Jeff Koinange. Author of the book: “THROUGH MY AFRICAN EYES” At Text Book Centre. Photo credit: Instagram/koinangejeff

There are success secrets in these groups. This is just one example.

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{Boys Club: Reference Group: Photo Courtesy}

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