Bonga Na Jalas: I couldn’t have missed this interview.

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Bonga Na Jalas On Jalango YouTube Channel has 300 subscribers and still counting.

The videos of interviews shared in this post are just but a few of them.

Jalang’o is one of the most successful YouTubers and content creators. He is also an accomplished radio personality and a public figure.

Bonga Na Jalas
{Bonga Na Jalas. Jalang’o Graduates: Photo Courtesy}

He recently graduated from Daystar University having pursued an undergraduate degree in Community Development.

Congratulations Jalang’o

To a great extent, we believe he has played a part in assisting and motivating a number of youths in many ways, including Ezekiel Kelly Odongo @kelly Inspiration.

Cartoon Comedian  Bonga Na Jalas .Video credit : YouTube @JalangoTV
Doreen Moraa Moracha  Bonga Na Jalas. Video credit : YouTube @JalangoTV
Azziad on Bonga Na Jalas. Video credit: YouTube @JalangoTV
Kamene Goro and Shakilla @BongaNaJalas.Video credit : YouTube @JalangoTV
Aoko Otieno @BongaNaJalas.Video credit : YouTube @JalangoTV
Willis Raburu @BongaNaJalas.Video credit : YouTube @JalangoTV
Cebbie Koks @BongaNaJalas.Video credit : YouTube @JalangoTV.
Alex Mwakideu @BongaNaJalas.Video credit : YouTube @JalangoTV.
Nasra Yusuf @BongaNaJalas.Video credit : YouTube @JalangoTV.
Me Gooner @BongaNaJalas.Video credit : YouTube @JalangoTV.

You can grab a copy of Ezekiel kelly Odongo’s BOOK; “Seeing beyond the obvious.”

So much can be said about Jalang’o whose real name is Felix Odiwuor.

In a shared Instagram post with Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill, they told their fans to expect something big. “Something BIG: Something Huge: When heavy J and Churchill come together big things happen.” Click for the link more.

We will keep you up to date with the latest news from Jalang’o.

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