Big Tyme Entertainment owner Eric Omondi woke up to a surprising turn of events.

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Big Tyme Entertainment owner Eric Omondi was on Monday morning surprised to find his business marked for demolition by NMS.

Eric Omondi said in an Instagram post, “we woke up and found this.”

Big Time Entertainment/ Eric Omodi's studios. Photo credit: Instagram/ericomondi
Eric Omodi’s studios. Photo credit: Instagram/ericomondi

The officer who spoke to Eric Omondi claims that no businesses are allowed to be set up in the area since it is a residential area.

Eric Omondi alleges that one of the women who is said to have attended the launch of Big Tyme Entertainment studios was involved.

Inside Eric Omondi’s studios. Courtesy: youtube

Eric Omondi alleges that he was told the place is meant only for residentials and not for businesses. 

But this is contrary to the video posted by the president of comedy himself.

Eric Omondi drove through the area and confirmed this, enjoy the video.

Eric Omondi’s studios and Big Tyme Entertainment offices,marked illegal business allegedly by NMS

What makes it interesting is that there are so many other businesses within the same area.

Eric Omondi’s is not the first in the area, Coke studios have been operating in the said area for a very long time. ” Why can’t we operate our own studio in the same area?”This is the question many people will be left asking themselves?

Other business in the area include Azam TV offices, three different school and other businesses.

Read Eric Omondi’s Instagram which was also liked by Edgar Obare.

Eric Omondi's Instagram post. Photo credit: Instagram/ericomondi
Eric Omondi’s Instagram post. Photo credit: Instagram/ericomondi

According to Eric’s post, The studio has already received so many requests, and the team is already planning to do audios and videos.

Eric Omondi is now demanding that the gare be cleaned within 24 hours.

He also demand a written apology.


STOP!!! STOP!!! STOP!!! Jalang’o to artists.

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz and Koffi Olomide have set a record on YouTube.


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