Rose Muhando is back. Check out ‘Vise Versa’ on YouTube.

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Size 8 and Rose Muhando have released one of the biggest hit songs dubbed ‘Vise Versa’, which has crossed the 400, 000 mark views on YouTube just a day after it was released.

‘Vise Versa’ By Size 8 and Rose Muhando. Video courtesy : YouTube

In what is perhaps seen as one of the biggest comebacks in the gospel music industry, the energetic and enthusiastic gospel singer Rose Muhando has let go of her distressing past and has now released a new hit song with Size 8.

What is our biggest lesson from this comeback?

Rose Muhando. Photo credit:Instagram/malkiarosemuhando
Rose Muhando. Photo credit :Instagram/malkiarosemuhando
Size 8. Photo credit:Instagram/size8reborn
Size 8. Photo credit :Instagram/size8reborn

Your past, no matter how bad or good should never determine your future.

Just before she went silent and missing in action, a disturbing video of the gospel singer surfaces on social media. In the video, the controversial gospel singer is seen at pastor Ng’ang’a’s Neno Evangelism in a questionable state.

Later, it was alleged that pastor Ng’ang’a was holding Rose Muhando captive. This forced the Nairobi based preacher to clear the air, he said, “the singer came for a church service and left.”

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In an exclusive interview on Diamond’s Wasafi television, the gospel singer told her fans, “I was going through a very tough time at the time the video was released.”

Thats’s in the past now.

And the good news is that she is back.

In their new hit song, Vice Versa, Rose Muhando sings, “Rafiki zangu walitabiri maanguko yangu,uneniinua Yesu we mwamba wangu, kimbilio langu, msaada wangu watosha.”

Congratulations Jalang’o

You will learn more about your friends in your lowest moments.

 A handful of friends will stick around, but most of them will run from you. The truth of the matter is, we do not have friends until we get into some sought of trouble. 

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I believe we all have something or two about the above verse.

‘Vise Versa’ By Size 8 and Rose Muhando. Video courtesy : YouTube

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