“Life in the CITY.” Lessons From The Day I walked To work.

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“Life in the city,” is a simple idea that was developed to help you find solutions to life issues by simply looking around you. The idea here is to look around you. The Big Question is; What can you see?

Life is serious, but it is more serious when you are living in a city like ours.

On my way to work some days back, I boarded a passenger bus “matatu” as it is often referred to in my country, and sat next to the driver. A piece of soft music playing in the background, the kind that soothes the soul.

As I looked around, I noticed something that was very unusual, two beautiful photos of different ladies glued on the right side corner of the windscreen, meant for the driver’s eyes alone, I guessed.

I thought and said to myself,  Maybe these are photos of his two daughters who just joined the university or just graduated from the university.

Most certainly, the driver drew his motivation from these two photos. If not, why on earth would he have such photos there?

I took it positively and decided to share the story hoping that after you read it, your perception and the way you look at life will have changed for good.

“Life in the city.”


In life, something will certainly give you the drive you need. Therefore, you have to find true motivation, and just like that bus driver, you must find something that motivates and pushes you to do more and to do it even better. 

Good news; everyone has something to look up to, the challenging part is how to find it. 

 The secret lies within your reach. Just look around you today. What can you see?

 If you can find someone who has done something that you have been working on for years without success, then use that as your motivation.

Say to yourself, if Mr.Y could do it, then I can do it too. And yes you CAN.

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This strategy can work magic for you. Let’s take, for example, you want to build a five-bedroom mansion, you have the plan, but you don’t know how much in terms of money and time it will cost.

Where do you start question runs through your head? You then decide to look around, and you find someone who has done exactly what you are about to begin. This alone will give you peace of mind.

Your next step will be to talk to him or her, find out how they did it, chances are, they will share with you so much more than you expected, including the discipline and financial aspects.

Therefore, be a good student, have an open mind, and be willing to learn.

They did it, you can do it too. It is as simple as that, do not complicate things that are not complicated.

“Life in the city”


Felix Odiwuor, also known as “Jalang’o” has one drive, which is ‘the fear of poverty. He has said in many of his shows and events that he does not want to come close to being poor ever again. “I have been there before.”

This guy is hardworking, he has established himself as a role model for many young people. 

Jalang’o started off as a fishmonger, his source of livelihood was in the waters of Lake Victoria. He must have gone through a lot as a young man.

We believe that Jalang’o’s life is an example of the, “Life in the city.”

And I can confirm to all of us that he was never alone, so many people have gone through this kind of situation, some are going through it today, and some are yet to experience it.

The difference is knowing exactly what you want, setting your goals, and making a deliberate choice, and effort to work towards them.

I believe we know of individuals who have come from impoverished backgrounds, but today they are dining with kings in high places. 

If this guy Jalang’o could do it, then we all can do it too. But we must be ready to go through the process one step at a time.

It takes a lot of hard work, persistence, determination willingness, and most importantly, you and I must have a well-defined goal and a well-developed plan for reaching our goals.

{Jalan’o : Life In the City: Photo Courtesy}

The main reason why so many people are going round in circles is that they have totally forgotten where they came from, where they are or where they are going.

You cannot afford to live a life without direction. Life in the city requires that you develop some strategies.

“Who you are is determined by what you are willing to struggle for”

“Life in the city”

{Jalan’o: Life In the City: Photo Courtesy}

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