Rev Lucy Natasha meets with Gospel Artist Ringtone Apoko.

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When musician Ringtone Apoko meets Rev Lucy Natasha, know that there could be fire on the mountain, or maybe he has been missing church.

Of course, when a son runs to the mother, it is either something is after him, or he is after something. Rev Lucy Natasha is one of the few pastors who are very active on social media, and his followers are happy.

Rev Lucy Natasha has over 729K followers on Instagram

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Ringtone Apoko is one of the controversial gospel musicians in Kenya, and I can confirm that he likes it.

He wrote, “Ringtone Apoko captioned, “WHEN I HELD THE HAND OF @revlucynatasha GOD TOLD ME, DONT WORRY MY SON 🙏🙏🙏”

Speaking at Daddy Owen’s album launch, the musician called Mr. Seed a conman, alleging that he gave the musician 50k thinking it was all gospel.

He even called on Mr. Seed to refund his money.

Apoko is not new to this game; when Willy Paul started doing secular, he called him all sorts of names.

He was even more vocal dramatic about Eric Omondi’s “Wife Material Show,” calling the comedian all sorts of names.

Apoko, the self-proclaimed president of gospel artists in Africa, loves to flaunt his acquisitions on social media.

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