Eric Omondi: “I Have Decided To Keep Myself Pure Until Marriage.”

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“I have decided to keep myself pure until Marriage and I hope people will respect my decision,” Eric Omondi said after a video of one of the participants insisting on leaving the show.

The reason, she cannot do without sex. And now that Eric Omondi has made it clear that he is not ready for sex, it is harder for Whitney.

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“Right now, am focused on my career,” Eric affirmed.

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And since he is a comedian, no one can tell whether that was part of his jocks or not. Looking at Wife Material Season One, it would be complicated to believe Eric Omondi.

If you can remember, One of the contestants in Wife Material Season One, Shakilla claimed that she was carrying Eric’s child.

{Photo Courtesy: Eric Omondi and Shakila}

Eric did not deny these claims; instead, they went for a pregnancy scan, and it came out that Shakilla was pregnant.

Shakilla has been silent for a while, and nobody, not even Eric, has come out to tell his followers about her whereabouts.

One thing you should know, Eric is a comedian, and every word from his word may be part of his lines.

Eric recently bought a mansion worth 141 million. LEGIT.

{Eric,s Karen 141 million home}

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