Jalang’o: What Can You Do Differently Today?

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Rise up, my guy. What can you do differently? This is the best question to ask yourself as soon as you wake up every morning. We all need some change in our lives.

Many people are already the “how’ question?

The answer is simple. CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE.

What Can You Do Differently
{What Can You Do Differently? Jalang’o Graduates: Photo Courtesy}

You cannot get different results if you keep doing things the same way you have been doing over the years. Something has got to change, and that is your routine.

At times, all you need is to alter your routine, change just ONE THING in your daily routine.

You have been doing something that hasn’t worked for or produced our desired results or transformed you into the kind of person that you’ve always wanted to become. What Can You Do Differently Today?

Nothing is too hard to change. Habits are learned, and in the same way, we can unlearn them and learn new and better practices and disciplines.

{What Can You Do Differently? Jalang’o: Photo Cpurtesy}

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For change to happen, COMMITMENT is required.


This is one conversation you should have with yourself.

One of the stories that keep me motivated is that of KISS FM radio presenter, Comedian, Content Creator Felix Odiwuor, aka Jalang’o.

An inspiring story

Listen to him share his story.

{Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o shares his story: Photo Courtesy}

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{What Can You Do Differently? Jalang’o: Photo Courtesy}

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