Stop Counting On Others. Start Doing Things Yourself.

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Stop counting on others, that’s if you don’t want to be disappointed. Have heard people say, “Am counting on you”

Sometimes we count on others but we still fail.

We fail, not because we do not know what to do, but because we know exactly what to do but we don’t do it.

We leave our most important assignments and work in the hands of people we tend to trust. In some cases, we have even gone further to leave our future in the hands of others. We say things like, if so and so does not help me then I will forever remain in this state. 

University students leave their most important research papers in the hands of individuals who have no qualifications.

Senior company managers delegate their most important assignments/tasks to junior staff and wonder why the report was rejected. Am not telling you to stop delegating. Yes, you can delegate. But not your most important tasks. 

In order to reach your full potential, which you will never reach, you must learn to take charge of the happens around you.

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We have outlined five key points on how to grow from being dependent to being independent. 

This is what you should start doing from now, and as a matter of urgency.

It begins with you, and it starts now. 

Stop Counting on others
{Stop Counting on others: Photo Courtesy}
  1. Everything that you are looking for is inside of you.

 Why do I say this?

Looking so much on the outside leads to more complaints rather than solutions. When these complaints find their way into our minds and deep into our subconscious minds, we begin to doubt our own potential. We see things as difficult before we even try them.

  1. Think for yourself.

Thinking for yourself does not mean that you stop listening to other people’s opinions, rather it gives you the power to make your own decisions.

You cannot give away your power of thought to someone else and expect to achieve your desired goal. Start thinking for yourself today, and do not shy away from getting help if you get stuck.  

Stop Counting on others
{Stop Counting on others; Photo Courtesy}
  1. Increase the amount we put in.

Let it be clear to all of us that if we want to increase the amount we get out, we must draw plans and strategies on how to increase the amount of work that we put into every task. Increase the time and effort you put in, improve the way you plan by improving the way you think, and lastly, be realistic. “Focus on doing your best rather than being the best.”  Why do I say this? You have the potential to better your very best.

  1. Be accountable.

Do not put blame on others for every small or big thing that happens to you. And by the way, they may not even know what going on with you. The number one issue that has pulled so many people backwords is the idea of putting blames on others even when they are long gone. Some people even go back to their childhood days just to find something to blame others for. You are responsible for the happenings in your life, so stop wasting time and start working on becoming the person that you want to become.

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  1. Start laughing.

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, then you must learn the art of laughing. Someone said, “We do not laugh because we are happy, but we are happy because we laugh.” For you to achieve extraordinary results you must ensure that you are happy with yourself and with the people around you. Happiness triggers the hidden power within you and also enables you to grow the desire and enthusiasm you need towards achieving your goals.

Focus on doing your very best at all times. Do not be scared to make mistakes, make as many mistakes as you can, and learn from them.

Feel free to add any other key point number six. And by doing so, you will have started to take charge of your life.

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