Jalang’o Graduates With 2nd Class Honors. Congratulations.

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{Celebrated comedian and Kiss FM presenter Jalang’o graduates. Photo Courtesy}

Jalang’o has waited so long for this day.

Many of his celebrity friends have congratulated him on his latest achievement.

Massawe Japanni wrote, “Hearty Congratulations @jalangoo You’re such a hard worker 👏👏👏👏👏 Celebrating with you this great achievement…Hongera Heavy J!!”

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Mc Jessy, “Congratulations my brother @jalangoo on your graduation, this is just the beginning of greater heights. Keep winning.”

{Photo courtesy}

Bettymuteikyallo “Proud of you my big brother @jalangoo. You have shown young boys and girls who come from difficult and challenging backgrounds that it can be done. You went for it. That’s a blessing to this generation.”

Yes, hard work. How do you explain this? 

Jalan’o wakes up and reports at Kiss 100 for the morning show, later in the day at precisely 1 pm, he is on Jalango TV. In the evening, he reports to Daystar University for class.

At Sema Kenya News, Knowing what we know about Jalang’o, we have decided not to be left behind. 

Therefore we are taking this opportunity to congratulate Felix Odiwuor, aka Jalang’o on his great achievement.

Jalang’o says, “It is either you wake up and chase your dreams or sleep and enjoy your dreams.”

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We will keep you up to date with the latest from Jalang’o.


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