Businesses You Can Start Today With Less Than KSh10,000

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Here is a list of businesses you can start with less than KSh10,000

These businesses do not require you to have massive start-up capital. You only need willpower and determination. Do not be afraid to make mistakes in the process, because in the process you will actually be making the right mistakes, mistakes that offers you the opportunity to learn.

The idea here is to market your craft on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You can start by creating a business page.

These social media platforms are free and do not money to start.

Go to YouTube and learn how it is done, and make your work stand out. Learn how to communicate with your clients. Communication is one important discipline in any line of line business, you need every detail from the client.

It is the small details that make the difference. 

A barbershop.

Start small, learn from the Chinese proverb, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Have a bigger picture of where you are going at the back of your mind. Start with just one employee, and take some time to learn the craft if you must in order to maximize profits.

Landscaping and gardening

Starting small does not mean you remain small.

Today we can learn so much from Youtube and Pinterest, nothing is stopping you from starting this kind of business. No so many people are into this business. Although not an excuse.

Who do you know that is already doing this?

Tv mounting

Have seen just a handful of individuals that are doing this kind of business. What do you need to start the business? Drill, tape measure, mounting brackets, rawl plugs, pencil, screwdriver, and stub detector.

Market your work on social media Platforms

TV Wall Mounting : photo credit: Instagram/tvwallmountingke
TV Wall Mounting: photo credit: Instagram/tvwallmountingke

Wallpaper fitting

This is one business that any person who desires to do can easily learn and master.

What you need. Wallpapers (you don’t have to stock this, just get a supplier), Wallpaper paste, A bowl (for mixing), Application brush, Tape measure, Trimming blade, Pencil, and a piece of cloth.

Make sure the wall is clean and dry.

Beautifully fix wallpapers. Photo credit:wallpaperkenya
Beautifully fix wallpapers. Photo credit: Instagram/ Wallpaperkenya

Furniture making and refurbishing

Visit Pinterest and find out just how much you can learn and make.

You can decide to make simple side bed tables, stools, bookshelves, and photo frames.

You can also do furniture refurbishing. You do not have to do the job yourself, you can look for a good carpenter “fundi” to be doing the jobs, while you go out to look for more business. you can also market online.

Interior Decor.

Interior decor is not as complicated as most people think it is.  This is one craft that one can easily do if one desires to.

As an interior decorator, you can choose to sell handmade crafts such as throw pillows and covers, flower vases, flowers, curtains, and portraits.

Interiors by inspire_me_home_decor. Photo credit: Instagram/inspire_me_home_decor
Interiors by inspire_me_home_decor. Photo credit: Instagram/inspire_me_home_decor


Baking is a good business if you have a passion for it. Once you perfect your baking skills you can sell birthday cakes, wedding cakes, lactating cookies, cupcakes, and biscuits. In this line of business, if you do not have the capital to set up a shop, you can always do it at the comfort of your home and market yourself online.

Beautiful home baked cakes.
Beautiful home-baked cakes.
Beautifuly baked cakes.Photo credit: Instagram/simple4baking
 Beautifully baked cakes. Photo credit: Instagram/simple4baking

Other businesses that one can do include, Pest control services, House cleaning services, Selling vegetables, fruits, and cereals.

Everything good takes time. Have this at the back of your mind.

Michael Joseph: The Safaricom’s PLC Board Chair.


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